i've got no walking rimes
i ain't fucking mike-d
i got no CD
you know got no flying v
foolin' around with a cheesy strat
ain't no big muff
got no pro co rat
i got my chickenhead
cranked up to twelve
i want a twanky sound
born and bred
i don't have a fax
i just use the wax
i don't play heavy metal but i love Antrax
i ain't faking Hendrix
got no little wing
I can make you burn
but I can't make you Sting
got peyote dreams in the night yeah!!!
i can't find no doctor
set me right
i don't say bullshit
don't give me no free line
i got no proper stuff I got no shoeshine
i like a band named Rollins
i hate Phil Collins
i don't give a fuck if the Stones are Rolling

this is the stuff
the facts
let's make an act
break through your level
don't play the rebel

you know I ain't no wanker
i got to resist
i get a regular dose
from your waiting list
you know I ain't no saint
no damn funky monk
take me home honey I'm a
monkey bonk
give you a little ring
with myjum-jum thing
talk me on the phone
get on the zone
i never said nigga
don't make it bigger
i'm just like you
so why pull the trigger?

El Peyote Asesino

( elmario@i.com.uy )